Requesting and review of my medical records

I have also found out reviewing my medical records that I never saw an oncologist at Mayo- Nor did I need the chemotherapy that was suggested prior to surgery but dr decided that they would do surg 1st then followup with chemo only problem is My family was told immediately after surg that I was cancer free and would need no chemo followup. Since on… See More 12/19/2008 I went into Septic Shock, organ failure, fungal infection and spent 25 days in a coma and on life support/ventalator and numerous surgeries during a 3 month stay in Mayo,AZ because Dr Eric Castle inadvertently punctured my intestines. Boy what a life changer, Doctors told my family I had Zero % survival, I am a walking miracle and a fighter. So in July 2009 I was finally somewhat coherent and started asking about the chemo and was told I DID NOT NEED CHEMO AND AM NOT CONSIDERED a Cancer Survivor. How does this happen in such a great hospital??? I found out also my ins company never was billed a cancer diagnosis, hmmm. And a facility that PRIDES itself on Wanting patient involvement in their care I don’t understand why Mayo sent me a registered letter stating they would no longer treat me as of 4/30/2010 and I still have many questions they won’t answer, Like why did my dr have a statement in my records saying “PRESSUMED Transitional Cell Carcinoma” and my diagnosis on my surgery report states “RENAL MASS” and my Kidney removal surgery report shows an ELECTIVE SURG.Who has an ELECTIVE KIDNEY removal with ureter and other things. I also have a RECORDED very informatative meeting with Dr Fitch that my husband and I were sent to for answers to our questions some time SEPT/OCT 2009, when I asked why my ins never has seen a cancer diag he responded on record that my insurance company did not see a cancer diagnosis until after my surg —- What kind of medicine pratice is that – I had been told by all the drs I was seeing that I had a kidney cancer but Dr Fitch corrects me on the tape and refers to it as a Renal Pelvis cancer and then later in the conversation he explaind to my husband in a drawing that it was a cancer of the mucosa does any see why I would be confused and have many questions.
I have been told by Mayo they feels no responsibility to me or my family related to this incident not even replacing lost wages and pain and suffering – why should money and years be wasted on attorneys when this should be clearly a responsibility of someone at Mayo. I have a copy of the full recorded conversation with Dr Fitch, that has been shared with Cindy Stemper-Barkus and Page Underwood in legal and they seem to have no issues with me sharing it.



  1. Thank you very much for sharing this information,

  2. Thank You for reading, would you like to review my medical records?

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