What I tell Family and Friends about Mayo Clinic

I really have many questions that have been avoided and unanswered. I have a registered letter from Mayo refusing to treat me after a near death experience at Mayo Scottsdale. I was diagnoised on 11/13/2008 in the ER by Dr Ricky Arnold. My husband and I were told by this doctor I had a very rare advanced stage of kiney cancer that was spread to my lymp nodes and lungs and I needed immediate surgery and he would make all the arangement for us. So on I went to Chest xray, biopbsy,and they scheduled chemo that was changed at the last minute to surg 1st then they would do the chemo. Well by time I was well enough from septic shock, and complete organ failure and 25 days on life support. In late July/August I started asking about the chemo related to my cancer and I was told “oh no you have no cancer and not a cancer survivor”. Urology surgeons/doctors were Dr Eric Castle and Shane Daley and Dr Ferrigni. After complete left kidney,ureter and aortic??? lymph nodes – my intestines were punctured and spent 25days on life support in coma then 14 surgeries and 4 months in a hospital. I am told “You need to be grateful you are cancer free, NOT a cancer survivor and alive. My family was told on 12/19/2008 it didn’t look good and my doctor said I had zero % chance of survival. Fooled them hugh.
I feel it is my responsibility to share the events that led to this terrible mess : Documented in my Mayo medical records 10/28/2008 thru 4/30/2010 – the date they will no longer treat me.
I have conducted an audit of my own medical records and the hidden story is amazing and scarry. I will from here on out in my life be a patient advocate for immediate realease and request of all medical records for patient (COVER to Cover) not just what the facility/providers feel is pertinent.
Also my other cause will be to get a National petition to require all surgical consent forms have all the specific diagnosis information and reason for the procedure. NO PATIENT should ever review medical records and find the surgery shows ELECTIVE and the SURGEON has note “Presummed transitional Cell Carcinoma” and only “Renal mass” and loose a perfectly functioning kidney. All my creatine tests documented since 2001 show normal, but now they are out of whack. My husband and I were told it was a very advanced stage 2 Kidney Cancer.
I guess I’m still wondering how my insurance company allowed such a thing, and how did Mayo get permision for an ELECTIVE kidney removal – come on – I hate Dr and hospitals and surg. Years ago when I had my gall bladder out after 5 attacks and the Dr had to give me my gallstones in a jar – that I still have LOL.

The hardest is you trust doctors with your life.

Talk about profilling – I think we need to worry about a few of our doctors. This is criminal.

And YES, I am extremely thankful I am alive and cancer free. And I did have some great doctors NOT AFFILIATED with UROLOGY dept, that stepped in on 12/19/2008
to save my life with a little help from above.

To see my 25 + years of qualifications to conduct an audit of medical records please reference my LINKEDIN site. Georjean Parrish. grjnbrown@yahoo.com 602-460-3740


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