Unbelievable Mayo doctor conversation

The Truth
By John H. Sklare, Ed.D, Lifescript Personal Coach
One of the basic life philosophies I believe in is telling the truth. I’m often dismayed by those who deny or obstruct it. As I’ve been known to say many times, ”you may not like what I have to say but you will always know where I stand.” When asked, I tell… the truth and tend to respect and admire others that do too…
I really need to share my experience so your are NOT THE NEXT VICTIM. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE FOR ANY PATIENT TO BE TOLD – We need to speak up. Michael and Georjean Parrish


NOTE: Be careful, I have documented and recorded information that CONFIRMS Mayo Clinic Scottsdale,az “STOLE MY LEFT KIDNEY.” YES, STOLED MY LEFT KIDNEY” and YES, I will scream ” RAPE ” at the top of my lungs. The All Mighty Mayo will have to provide answers.See More
Doctors are NOT GOD – Mayo meeting DrFitch-PRECANCER dx confirmed after surg??????
We are all TRUSTING people, especially of doctors, and to find DOCUMENTED & FACTUAL medical records that completely contradict everything we were verbally told to our face – is NOT acceptable. WH


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