DrScore :: improving patient care

DrScore :: improving patient care.

Dr Erik P Castle knowingly performed Left Laparoscopic nephroureterectomy,left aortic and interaortocaval lymph node dissection, right iliac and obturator lymph node dissection with no pathology confirmed CANCER DIAGNOSIS,he did not have consent to remove a Kidney that was not confirmed prior to removal to be cancerous. There was nothing noted or confirmed anywhere in my medical records prior to surgery or during surgery relating to cancer. I gave permision to remove my kidney ONLY for an ADVANCED STAGE RARE KIDNEY CANCER. We are all TRUSTING people, especially of doctors, and to find DOCUMENTED & FACTUAL medical records that completely contradict everything we were verbally told to our face – is NOT acceptable. WHAT WOULD YOU THINK if you were told in a Mayo Clinic ER you were in an advanced stage of kidney cancer that had spread to my lymph nodes and lungs. Then see “PRESSUMED TRANSITIONAL CANCERof the kidney” and only “RENAL MASS” on your medical records and my insurance had NO cancer DX prior to surgery so how did they authorize? Remember, the facts are: I have no left kidney and all associated parts. I am NOT A CANCER SURVIVOR nor do I have CANCER NOW. BUT, I am a SURVIVOR of Septic shock, organ and resp failure, spent 20+ days on life support/ventalator 3 months in Mayo. Then rec’d registered letter refusing to treat me as of 4/30/2010, because I ask questions and wanted to understand al that had happened to me.


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