– Doctor Erik P Castle, MD profile

This doctor removed my kidney supposedly for KIDNEY CANCER, but his notes state “I presumed Transitional Cell Carcinoma of the kidney. In furhter review of my medical records I found that there was NO CANCER confirmed in my body PRIOR to or during surgery found per my pathology reports. He also punctured my intestines and let me lay dying for 2 days until my husband got medical help from general surgery who rush me into surg as I went into SEPTIC SHOCK. He has never been available since then to answer questions or anything. My appointment felt extremely rushed. I didn’t even have time to ask questions. The office was easy enough to find. They definitely weren’t ready for me when I arrived for my appointment. They left me in the waiting room for hours. They didn’t tell me anything about my treatment options. I left feeling very confused and frustrated. They make absolutely no effort to return any of my phone calls. I’ve never received a call back from them. – Doctor Erik P Castle, MD profile.


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