How is kidney cancer found?

How is kidney cancer found?.

NONE of these procedures were followed by Mayo Clinic AZ and their Dr Ricky Arnold, Dr Erik P Castle & Dr Shane Daley, and PCP Richard Wall. Then Dr Fitch acknowledged their behavior as acceptable.

I have found out recently, Sept 2011,when I recd some additional medical records for DOS prior to my surgery on 12/17/2008, that on 11/11/2008 Mayo has an Renal Ultrasound that clearly states NO left renal mass, NO right renal mass.

So where did the 12/13/2008 CTscan come from that show a (4.6mmX2.6mmX2.5mm) mass on the left kidney and an 1.1mm on the right.
But, if they are trying to say it was cancer then why not address the one on my right kidney?

So, after reading more of my records up to the point of surgery and even during surgery, my doctors had NO CONFIRMED CANCER FOUND FROM ANY OF THE BIOPSIES they did, WHY DID THEY PROCEED to remove my kidney?????



  1. Could this be a case of “Organ Racketeering”? The doctors could have a HUGE racket going by telling patients they have cancer when they really don’t! Most patient would never question their doctor and are so relieved to know their “cancerous kidney” is out of their body. However, the doctor could be making HUGE money by someone “racketeering” body parts.

    Remember the movie “Coma”??? The corrupt insurance networks could very well be in on this because they would want “kick backs” to recoup the medical expenses they paid for the unsuspecting patient’s surgery to remove the kidney. Many fictional movies are “loosely” based on FACTS unknown to the general public!

  2. I am trying to get the word out I have all the documentation and audit trail to prove I was lied to and deceived by Mayo Clinic to get a kidney from me.

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