My father had a right radical nephrectomy on 9/5/2012 to remove a clear cell RCC tumor approx. 12 cm in size. Since the surgery, his remaining kidney has yet to produce a sufficient amount of urine (less than 50 cc’s per day for 7 days). Today he underwent dialysis and remains under close watch. Generally, how long does it take to regain function in the remaining kidney? Is this rare for the dysfunction to last this long? Today marks one week since the surgery. Secondly, is it common for patients that start hemodialysis after radical nephrectomy to regain their kidney function? Please note that he has no history of CHF, HTN, DM, or any other comorbidities. Only the diagnosis of clear cell RCC.

Ask the Doctor

Dialysis after removal of one kidney is very uncommon. It can occur but is uncommon. I have no way of providing a prognosis without knowing the specific circumstances of his case and without physically examining him. Recovery from acute kidney injury may take days, weeks or rarely months.

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