My Adventure getting a CT scan

Posted this on another site related to CT scans, and thought this would also be good to pass on to this group. A funny thing happened when I had my last CT scan, which was a very needed one with my medical issues. Anyway, it was ordered with NO CONTRAST. So when I get to the CT place they try to have me drink a solution mixed with Crystal Light, I laugh and say no, I have only ONE impaired kidney and my doctor ordered without contrast.

Well, that wasn’t taken very well and the lady went on to try and explain to me that only was the injected contrast that goes into your blood stream I need to worry about, and that if I drank it with crystal light it wouldn’t bother me.

OK, not a good reaction from me, R you kidding! I would still be putting it my body and it had to eventually go through my kidneys. She firmly stated Oh! No it doesn’t, and tried to justify how drinking it was different from injecting it. I was done talking and asked them to please follow my doctors order. But, not until a last ditch effort was made to get me to drink the stuff . They where off to call my doctor (even though they had the medical order from them stating “NO CONTRAST”). They explained their logic to the murse and the nurse repeated the same thing “NO CONTRAST”, they then wanted to still talk to my doctor, so the nurse, went to the doctor and he firmly stated FOLLOW THE ORDER NO CONTRAST.

Why would a patient even have to deal with this type of scenario???? My husband sat and watched this in amazement. Now, of course, just me being me, my next thought is for all the unknowing people that most likely drink the drink without questioning. What and where is the best place to inform patient of these situations and make them aware, NO CONTRAST means NO CONTRAST. And how many of the CT companies do this? CT centers need to be educated. AND YES THIS IS A TRUE REAL LIFE SITUATION… PLEASE SHARE…


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