Options for the Small Incidental Renal Mass; Dr. Jose Kamar ; KCA Conference 4 2012


The Small Incidental Renal Mass: Treatment Options

I have summarized and edited presentations from an April 2012 Kidney Cancer Association Patient Conference so patients can read and study them.

The original presentations can be found on YouTube offered by the KCA.

Poor resolution slides have been reconstructed

Treatment Options for the Small Incidental Renal Mass

After a brief welcome and expression of appreciation for the KCA, Dr. Karam begins:

  • Karam 1 small renal mass

“Currently, a small renal mass is defined as smaller than 3 or 4 cm, localized to the kidney, not invasive to other organs. This is a consensus and these definitions can change. Of all Stage I kidney tumors, 43 % are less than 3cm in size.  (Some Stage I kidney cancers can be larger than 3cm; other treatments may be more suitable.)

  • Karam 2 Options (1)

I will discuss three options with patients who present with these types of lesions. The first is active surveillance…

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