I found out in June 2012, I had CKD/Stage3 after a 24 hour urine test, my GFR was at 42. Per my medical records my previous urologists & PCP new my GRF and creatinine, etc where all bad, back in Dec 2009 after my kidney cancer nephrectomy, but neglected to share that with us. So starting in June 2012 I set out to challenge myself, I researched and found what I could do to turn this awful disease around. First thing was to stop all soda drink choices and drink 1/2 my body weight in water and some berry drinks with water. Then I eliminated most all dairy, (except small amounts of natural cheese), red meat (except for once per month small steak), cut most salt. My test results in October 2012 showed creatine improved and GFR up to 52. So my quest goes on, I then wanted better still. I then started cutting ALL processed foods and Gluten. I eat fresh unprocessed chicken and turkey mainly, not a big fish fan. Buy the 100% natural, no additives, gluten free, no preservatives food and snacks. Have actually found many things. and found that berries have so many benefits, so since Christmas 2012, when I got my ninja blender, I have now added a daily 16-20oz drink of Spinach, Kale, flaxseed, mango, papaya, pineapple, strawberrys, blueberries, rasberries, blackberries, apples. Not sure what has helped the most but believe me I need to get this all documented with pictures and food choice labels for others, My test results given to me yesterday, Feb 20,2013 by the nephrologist with a BIG smile, excitement and amazement my GFR is up to 68 and creatine was practically normal. I am getting copies of the actual numbers so I can put into a graph. I would really like to get your help on how is the best way to present some of my healthy eating choices. One other thing, my nephrologist told me that the Diovan I take for HBP and also aides in kidney protection. He did mention there is 1 other HBP medicine(losartan) that is cheaper that does the same thing. Didn’t realize some BP medicine is better than others for controlling BP. I still need to work on getting my cholesterol down, he says it can be hereditary, so now, I am going to add Apple cider vinegar & garlic supplement. PROOF that early intervention helps so much. I can’t believe how lucky and blessed I am and it seems my kidney loves BERRIES, BERRIES and more BERRIES. Not completely sure but seems the morning drink concoction is the only major change I have made in diet between 10/ 2012 and 2/5/2013 testing so I have to attribute to it? We can NEVER GIVE UP HOPE!


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