Letter to Mayo Clinic Arizona – By: Christopher Michael Monarrez – My mom “Georjean Parrish”

Letter to Mayo Clinic Arizona – By: Christopher Michael Monarrez – My mom “Georjean Parrish”
by Georjean Parrish on Wednesday, July 28, 2010 at 1:39am ·
Mayo Clinic?????
When a medical mistake is made by doctors who practice in mayo clinic facility’s…….
Why does Mayo feel that they have no responsibility to make things right with the patient and or the family when a doctor operating under Mayo Clinic’s roof make’s a major medical mistake that almost cost my mother her life.
I don’t understand, not even as much as an apology, to the family that has to go through this. I mean the doctors that operated on my mother (Georjean Parrish) made a major medical mistake and I don’t think a doctor one has stepped up and said sorry for the mistake they made. They meaning the doctors that did the medical procedure on my mother (Georjean Parrish) are human and can make a mistake, understandable but to have absolutely no HEART or CONSCIENCE to step up and take some responsibility for what they did to my mother. Today as I type this here my mom is considered to be disabled and living day by day in life not knowing what the future holds for her. Doctors that saved her life also work and represent Mayo told the family and my mom that every day she is alive should be looked at as a blessing and GOD sent. It is sad and confusing for her and us as children. When the doctors informed family and my mom that her operation should be a standard and routine operation we believed them and the Mayo. As we well should Mayo and It’s doctor’s are supposed to be world renowned best of the best right , this is what the Mayo is known for right, we trusted them with mom’s life and they messed it up worse than they could have imagined and feel no obligation to make things right. I as a son was not anticipating on having to help mom pay bills and stay a float any time soon in life because mom is and always was the strongest woman in my life as far as taking care of and raising four kids and making sure we all had what we needed to survive and live with in her means. As we all grew up and started our family’s and moved on mom did the same and finally excelled in her career in the medical field and all her hard work started to pay off. She was for once in life seeing the results of hard work and dedication to her career. It was starting to pay off financially, all her hard work for over twenty five years she was right where she wanted to be in life. No more kids to take care of and she finally reached that point of freedom where she loved what she did and was dam good at what she did. She was able to pay all her bills and live comfortably and very happy in life. The operation was nothing close to what we, as a family, expected. The outcome was devastating and difficult to understand and cope with. No one ever thought this could have happened and turn out the way it did. What we got was a shock and utter confusion, due to the fact the doctors never once said this operation can go terribly wrong in an instant, and your mother might come out of the operation fighting for her life due to doctors negligence, or mistake, far from what we as a family anticipated. I mean, my mom, was a considered to be healthy woman, actively doing things, and always a strong and brilliant woman, with a heart of gold and a mind that was sharp as a razors edge. I would like to say brilliant or genius to say the least. Today, the doctors and most staff at Mayo relate to my mother as, a crazy woman, off her rocker. I say this because we have recordings that were accidentally left on mom’s answering machine by a careless Mayo employee, who left a message and thought she had hung up the phone and which was not the case. The phone line remained on and she started to relate to other Mayo co workers in reference to my mother, Georjean Parrish as the crazy person and that is really hard to believe, as she is my mother and has never been crazy what so ever and most definitely was not crazy before she started her care at the Mayo Clinic. She was a well respected highly intelligent woman in her profession who was looked at as one of a hand full of people across the United States whom did what she did for a living and was great. BOLD statement, because it is the truth, major pharmaceutical corps, and other major organizations were lined up to get her and her brain and talent on their winning team coast to coast. It was her passion for excellence and her outstanding dedication to life and her will to be the best at what she did. If you were to ask any one that new her, before her ordeal at the Mayo Clinic.
Any old business partners she dealt with in her time any co workers just friends who no her personally, I can promise you this crazy lady and Georjean Parrish would never be in the same sentence or even phrased or associated with Georjean Parrish as such that really urks!!! Me that Mayo looks at her as a crazy loon. These Mayo reprehensive that made these negative and degrading comments still represent and currently still work with Mayo. Mayo has done nothing to the employees for the remarks they made and still make to this day when speaking about my mother it is wrong and sad that Mayo with world renowned name lets this go on behind closed doors and does absolute nothing when this matter was brought to their attention they looked the other way so that tells me Mayo condones these kind of actions within their staff and it is acceptable to talk about patients like such or refer to patients as such, did they the employees or Mayo forget with out the patients they have no job or career. Mayo Clinic staff that has had to deal with my mom has a whole different opinion and look when talking about my mother all due to the mistakes the doctors and mayo made on my mom while in their care. Matter of fact if mayo never made this medical mishap the Mayo and the Mayo doctors and staff would not relate to my mom as such (crazy lady). It is super sad and they feel the least bit responsible for doing this to my mom I don’t understand how this can happen to a patient who originally chose the Mayo for her care because she wanted to be in the best hands. Turned out to be the worst medical blunder I have ever had the chance to witness and hope that it is the last. I wish this mess on no other family in the world. That just goes to show that the best can make mistakes to. You would hope and think that being the name they carry and the stature in the industry that they would feel some what touched and feel that where my mom is today in life is due to their medical mishap and would feel a little responsible for their actions and back up their doctors and the Mayo name and try to make things right. Instead they refuse to take any responsibility for what has happened and continue to say medical mistakes happen sorry. I always though Mayo was the people who fix and clean up other hospitals medical mistakes from around the world right. When a mistake is made in their own back yard so to speak they want nothing to do with owning up to the problem and all throw their hands up and say oh well, when that attitude is wrong and complete not acceptable to a patient who trusted that they were in the best of hands. This medical mistake the Mayo Clinic did to my mother has put her through the ringer in life lately. These are the time’s she should be enjoying life and not having to worry day in and day out about things that she had control of before going to the Mayo Clinic for her operation. This is not the case she has lost so much since the Mayo did this to her it is sad and wrong to say the least. I mean she has had to move three times now lost cars and a business and most importantly her income that she made from working that kept her world turning without having to worry is she going to be able to pay the bills like the electric, cable, car payment, rent, water, and keep food on the table. These were never issues for this woman in life because she always worked and excelled at everything she did and always stayed positive and strong mentally through out the years. Yes! There were tough times in life but with the right attitude and a little faith that she can do it and she did. Today she lives with all these worries and can not return to work at all due to the Mayo clinic and Mayo doctors that put her in these shoes she wears today I don’t think any other family or family’s should ever have to go through something like this and just be told to make the best of it and move on we are done caring for you find a new doctor and insurance that will take care of you, good luck. With all mom’s medical complications, and thirteen surgeries later to fix what they did to her. She still needs a few more surgeries to fix some other stuff going wrong with her, all stemming from the original surgery, preformed over a year ago and she now sits with out medical insurance and with out a doctor to see her and that is scary for us as family yet Mayo Clinic feels it is all justified and it is time for her to take her care else where because mom asks too many questions apparently that Mayo has no answers for or feels they don’t need to be responsible and answer these questions mom has asked… I bet you would have questions and would be looking for answers too if this happened to you or some one in your family. Go to the hospital for a simple routine operation in and out with in a three to five day turn around and end up in I.C.U. for a month and in the hospital for like three more months for a total of three to five months in between and like eight to thirteen operations so much radiation from cat scans and MRI’S that her hair was falling out at one point and the doctors banned her from them because her radiation levels were way too high but again this is what she signed up for, I don’t think so. I think any one when they come to and start to get their senses back would have questions as well and would be barking up a tree to get answers as well just about a year of rehab under her belt. They say here mistakes happen and just be glad you are alive. I must say we owe a lot of “thank you” to Dr. Barbara Pojack. and Dr Mark Mason and others that day/night, that saved her life in that emergency operation for 10 or 14 hours and all the doctors that watched her while she lay lifeless in I.C.U. for the next month battling for her life and a battle it was, let me tell you, I and all the family had to go through this battle with her. Thank you, to all the family that was their for those long and uneasy days and nights very scary and hard to deal with and to comprehend when this was never even mention that it might be a possibility that something like this can happen during the initial surgery this was never even thought about or mentioned amongst mom or the family because the doctors never told us once that a major medical mistake or accident could have happened like this. Our understanding was that these doctors perform the type of operations daily and it is routine, no worries. Considering we felt the Mayo and doctors who practiced their were the best and we put all our trust in their hands and with their knowledge expertise that everything would go smooth and it would have been a simple almost out patient operation well a day or two is way we were told mom would have to be in the hospital after surgery, boy were they wrong and we were wrong for trusting professionals and doctors of the Mayo. . Either way, it felt like an eternity we spent at that hospital and they the doctors and Mayo Clinic feel that they hold absolute no responsibility for this mistake the doctors made on that day of the original operation, you have got to be kidding me. Last time I checked a professional in any line of work weather you clean toilets or operate on people you make a mistake that that changes or alters some one or several peoples life’s you be the professionals and fix the problem as best as can be expected, or make an effort to make things right with in the best of your ability right is that not what professionals do or human beings on this planet earth their is no way my mom should have to live her last years on this earth miserable and not knowing how she is going to pay her bills month to month the stress this takes on any human that is healthy can be overwhelming at time’s. She had no choice in this matter she trusted that she was in great hands and look what that got this family. We now have a Grandmother of eleven a mother of four children and a wife to Mike Parrish that you all almost killed and feel like you can just walk away from your mistakes without reductions and with out stepping up and trying to make things right. Not fair to us the family of Georjean Parrish that we now have to sit and help and watch struggle daily with every day tasks in life, not fair. Yet at the root of all this no one is to blame and absolutely no one is responsible for this I mean no one not the doctor’s who made this medical mistake or mishap whatever you want to call it nor the Mayo Clinic the facility it took place in is apparently not responsible or to blame not fair, not right, not humanly possible you would think, Right it happens at the Mayo Clinic….Just makes you wonder how these people at the Mayo and doctors that did do this have no continues or feel no responsibility for their actions and then cut off the patient all together and say see you later wish you the best in life with your recovery SORRY…..not SORRY sickening that this can happen, and no one is responsible, or no one feels responsible for this. Let me tell you I never remember mom coming home weeks prior to the surgery saying she was signing up to be a medical test dummies and if the surgery work it does great and if it don’t and family’s and life’s are affected oh well…I call that SHIT excuse the French this is America right and we are talking about the best Hospital in the world I was told. Don’t no that I will ever in life understand how this happens and no one is held accountable or responsible for their actions on that day or surgery not the doc’s or Mayo AMAZING. It has been well over a year since this happened and not a doctor that operated on my mom or the Mayo for that matter have felt that they are responsible for any thing they say mistakes happen live with it and KICK ROCKS in a round about way not in those word or text but that is what it all boiled down to. As it has been over a year since this medical nightmare (I say nightmare because that is exactly what it was for my mom and all the entire family). This is so sad and discouraging how this happens to a mother and we as children and family get no answers I guess we don’t deserve any is what the Mayo tells us. I call BULLSHIT so loud on the Mayo it stinks……Sincerely, Chris Monarrez


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